Celina Middle School
Beginning Band


How to Join Band

Step 1: Email Mrs. Yanniello: BrittanyYanniello@gmail.com and include your student's name and grade, and also your parent/guardian's name and email in your email, and let her know that you want to join the band!  Let's go!

Step 2: Set up an Instrument Try-On Appointment with Mrs. Yanniello at your family's convenience.  While you wait for your appointment, check out the Band Instruments we offer!

Step 3: Meet with Mrs. Yanniello to do your Instrument Try-On Appointment.

Step 4: Together we will decide the instrument you'll begin playing!  

Step 5: Confirm your elective/schedule choice with setting Band as one of your top three choices by emailing Mrs. Briscoe, Celina Junior High School principal, and copy Mrs. Yanniello to the email.  And you're in!

Step 6: Acquire your supplies and instrument by visiting with one of the stores listed here.  If you need financial assistance for your student's materials, please contact Mrs. Yanniello.  Start optional Private Lessons if you are interested in getting a head start.  Get excited!!

Common Questions and Answers

About Beginning Band
What do I have to know about music to join band?

Nothing at all and no experience is needed! Everything you need to know to play an instrument will be taught in beginner band. Any previous musical knowledge is a bonus, but not necessary for success!

When do students join band?

The best time for students to start is at the beginning of their sixth grade year. The vast majority of our band members joined band as sixth graders. However, we have students every year who join our band family in either seventh or eighth grade! 

Can I still be in Athletics, UIL Academics, and other School?

YES. We encourage our band students to participate in athletics, UIL Academics and other school activities. Many of our band students are very successful athletes, as well as ACADEMIC leaders of our school! 

Who will be in Band?

Your student’s friends and fellow classmates will join them in what will be some of the most exciting and fun times of their school experience. The more friends, the most fun! With over 150 band students, the band is one of the largest organizations in the district. Many of our students are the school leaders and among the most successful students in Celina ISD!

What fun things will we do in Band?

The best reward is learning to play an instrument and make music! Your students will experience many parties, trips, concerts, contests & performances throughout the year!

My son or daughter didn't join Band in 6th grade.
Is it too late?

No! We have had 7th and 8th grade students join us as beginners and all have been very successful! Please contact Mrs.Yanniello at BrittanyYanniello@celinaisd.com for details!

My student has Asthma / braces / another underlying medical condition. Can they be in Band?

Absolutely! There is a great instrument option for every student who wants to be in Band. We've had many students with asthma, and many of our students get braces in 6th, 7th or 8th grade. Playing a wind instrument can actually be beneficial for students with Asthma as it helps strengthen the lungs! We'll make it work for any student who wants to be a part of our organization!