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  1. Feet shoulder width apart and an even stance.  When possible they should practice standing up for good posture.

  2. Pointer finger knuckle needs to point toward the ceiling.

  3. Elbows relaxed with a little space, about the size of a small fist, between the body and the arms.

  4. Sticks should be positioned at a 'Dominos' or 'Papa John's' wedge, not 'Cici's' or 'Sbarros'

  5. Thumb and pointer fingers should be even with each other.  This is your fulcrum.  If they are even, the stick will bounce.  Say 'Lazy T'... they'll know what that means.

  6. Wrists need to be flat and centered,  just like the attached picture.  The wrist should not be contorted.

  7. Thumb should be pointed toward the bead of the stick, not towards the floor.

  8. The stroke is a wrist motion like knocking on a door and the bead should rebound like a basketball.

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